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Mdwk Music & Market


University Plaza


6:00 PM-8:00 pm

Wednesdays in July & August

MDWK (short for midweek) Music and Market is the newest addition to Downtown Hagerstown's music and arts programming! The summer 2024 series will be held Wednesdays from July until late August, and will feature live music, artisan vendors, food vendors, and a beer garden featuring Smoketown Brewing Station & Church Street Distillery.


Cassandra the Creator

JAZ Ceramics
Keighty Crochet
Mole in the Ground Stained Glass

Stuffed and Such

The Prime Supply


Jalapeno & Honey - July 10th, 31st, & Aug 14th

Casimir Bakery - July 10th, July 24th, & August 7th

Carmen's Corner Store - July 24th

Tacos Carlitos - July 17th & August 21st

Stay Rooted Empanadas - August 7th & 21st


thumbnail_Jill Fulton Band PROMO 2024_ed


Recording crossover artist Jill Fulton's fiery blues, country, & soul tunes will blow you away! Jill Fulton is a soulful singer/songwriter, she pens sweet & sassy tunes that entertain with power & poignancy. Growing up in a small town, Churchville, Maryland, Jill has been performing on stage & theatre since she was three years old.


Jill Fulton's LIVE Band is made up of highly skilled professional musicians: 

- Laurie Matlock: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

- Dale Sharrah: Bass

- David Gorozdos: Keys & Vocals

- Jeffery Shoop: Drums

- Wade Wilbur: Lead Guitar

- Scott Matlock: Fiddle

They'll make sure you have a good time! Jill's powerful vocal skill is awe-inspiring and her band is rich entertainment on stage. She'll be sure to get your toes tapping, body shaking and you'll leave with a smile on your face! 



The Dishonest Fiddlers 

A “GOOD TIME STRING BAND" from Northeast Pennsylvania, THE DISHONEST FIDDLERS pick through a mixed bag of folk, bluegrass, and jug band inspired music.

Led by singer/songwriter Dave Brown (guitar/harmonica), the band features: Shawn Caden (mandolin/guitar), Jasper Paciotti (bass) and Jami Novak (percussion).

Since forming in 2013, the band has released 3 studio albums and have played at music festivals and theatres throughout the Northeast.

Shane Gamble (1).jpg


Building on the success of his recent single "Beautiful Work", which cracked the Top 40 on the Billboard charts, Maryland-based singer/songwriter Shane Gamble is set to release 12 new songs on his own label, Rt. 50 Music in 2024. 

Shane's debut album and Top 10 single, "Turn My Way", a pop/country tune that's equal parts punchy and poignant, allowed for Shane to "crash the party" as an independent artist, garnering a global fan base and making a splash in the music industry. 


IMG_5974 (1).jpeg

WEDNESDAY, july 31

Haki N’ Dem (Demonstrators) is an exceptional R&B/soul group hailing from Champaign-Urbana and Chicago, led by the immensely talented young musician Haki (Drake Materre), who not only dazzles with his incredible vocals but also showcases his mastery of multiple instruments. Alongside Haki, Haki N Dem features piano, vocals, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and guitar, delivering a funky, neo-soul experience reminiscent of the legendary of influences of Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, and Sly and the Family Stone. Featuring political and social elements, Haki N Dem creates and performs a wide variety of music that encapsulates themes such as race, love, addiction, police brutality, change and spirituality. Haki N Dem strives to fulfill the mission of lending their artistry for activism to become Prodigy SAINTS: young and talented students against inner-city negligence toward society.

IMG_2882 (1).jpg


 Faycez U Know Music Group /Kainaia.Ent are a unit of producers, song writers, arrangers, composers & studio engineers
 Faycez U Know Band is an American Soul, Funk & GoGo  band from the Washington, DC Metropolitan (DMV) area that drives  the DC “Go-Go” swing. They have the showman ship vastly compared to the likes of the Chuck Brown, E.U. ,Rare Essence ,Rolling Stones, and the versatility of a Parliament Funkadelic Party…
The group is blessed with musicians who are determined to provide the entertainment of the old school showstoppers while carrying the modern sound of music. The groups quintessential soul singer (Halima Peru) hails from Miami, Florida and so does her raw sound, sun kissed voice and the feet that are sure to roam the stage and crowd. The sultry voiced male singer and Keyboardist Dennis Garland Jr  delivers satisfaction faster than a speeding bullet. That grand sound of the bass guitar comes from no other than Kenneth “Doc” Hughes. Anthony "Tom Tom" Talley & Jon Palacios adds that powerful keyboard fire and creativity to the stage w  to give the music that smooth silky sound. The phenomenal percussion section is led by William (Keemy) Slade  on drums, Craig “Clip” Clipper On Congas and Eric Bojack Butcher on Percussion 

On a quest to constantly bring you a sound to make you move to the music, it’s no wonder they are growing so swiftly in popularity. Their presentation is just what the doctor ordered to sooth and lift your spirits. After all, music is medicine for the soul and they intend to medicate properly. The Faycez-U-Know music group has performed with and backed many local and national recording artist such as rappers Beanie Seagul and Method Man, R&B artist Carl Thomas, R Kelly, Fantasia, Chuck Brown, Raheem Devaughn, Jaguare Wright and Marsha Ambrosius just to name a few. This is definitely an experience to witness live because if you blink you will miss something.




Introducing HADLEY: where the soul of country music meets the heart of storytelling.  

Emerging from the orchards of Georgia abundant with peaches, HADLEY is more than just a singer-songwriter; she's a conduit for emotion, a vessel for authenticity, and a beacon of raw talent in a genre that thrives on genuine human connection. 


Since she could first pluck the strings of a guitar, HADLEY seemed destined for greatness. Immersed in the smoky atmosphere of Atlanta's blues bars, she effortlessly poured out her soul, seamlessly blending the modern country sounds with the rich traditions of the genre, much like savoring sweet tea on a summer afternoon. It was only when HADLEY unearthed her unique voice, imbued with the authenticity of her own life experiences, that her true brilliance began to emerge. 


With a voice that can soothe a restless soul or raise the rafters with its power, HADLEY's performances are nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether she's crooning a tender ballad or kicking up dust with an up-tempo anthem, there's an undeniable authenticity to her music that resonates with audiences far and wide. 


But HADLEY is more than just a gifted vocalist; she's also a master storyteller. Each song she pens is a window into her world, a snapshot of the trials and triumphs that have shaped her journey. From the highs of newfound love to the lows of heartbreak and loss, HADLEY's lyrics cut straight to the core, inviting listeners to share in her joy, her pain, and everything in between. 


In a world where the line between true artistry and manufactured fame grows ever blurrier, HADLEY stands as a beacon of integrity and talent. With her infectious energy, her boundless creativity, and her unwavering commitment to her craft, she's not just keeping the spirit of country music alive—she's redefining it for a new generation. 


So buckle up, y'all, because HADLEY is here to take you on a ride. With her guitar in hand and her emotions laid bare, she's poised to share her stories, her songs, and her soul with the world. Once you've been touched by her music, you'll understand why HADLEY is not just an artist to observe—she's one to treasure, to honor, and to embrace with every heartbeat

corey el.jpg


Corey El is an American singer, song-writer and music producer. As a self-professed introvert, his enigmatic presence in the world of music is one of wonder and elation for those who have discovered or heard one of the industry's best kept secrets. With a soulful wisdom far beyond his years and a finger on the pulse of his generation, Corey El lends a fresh perspective to a decades worth of musical styles inspired by the pioneering sounds of soul, funk and hip hop.

Born and raised in Virginia, the son of dexterous professional and multi-instrumentalist Carl Lester-El, young Corey inherently understood the power of music to change moods and points of view while connecting people’s hearts and minds on a global scale. With a natural ear for a multi-genre of melodies and grooves, he was able to express himself instantly through singing.


His father taught him how to track on a Casio keyboard, and as soon as he learned to write, he was making his own fully produced songs. As a teenager, Corey was already producing, writing and arranging for local artists and he eventually felt the pull to focus on creating his own original work as the featured voice in the studio. 

With immense artistry he crafts songs with soulful melodies, hypnotic beats and lyrics on self-acceptance, love and living life on your own terms. As an entertainer and live performer, Corey moves to his own beat with his seasoned band The Fam.


Corey El constantly creates to discover new ways to grow and express himself – all while continuing to experiment with sound, emotion and heartfelt storytelling.


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